An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company.


Company History
  • Exclusively made for furniture, handicraft, wood and paper industry Fast drying Larger coverage
  • Fast drying
  • Larger coverage
  • Economical, Multipurpose


Company History
  • Exclusively made for Furniture and Wooden IndustryBoiling water and heat resistant adhesion Drying period minimized.
  • Suits marine grade plywood.
  • Provides permanent adhesion between laminate & plywood as well as wood to wood Economical.


Company History
  • Made for furniture and wooden industry
  • Water based adhesives are extremely water repellent
  • Boiling water and heat resistant Adhesion
  • Drying period minimized, Suits for marine grade plywood Provides larger coverage Economical


Company History
  • Exclusively made for furniture and wooden industry Provides extra coverage.
  • Less drying period.
  • Provides extra coverage.
  • Long shelf life Economical


Company History
  • Specially formulated for strong adhesion of Acrylic, PVC & Polycarbonate sheets to Plywood, Wood, MDF or any porous surface.
  • Applicable to Manual PVC Edge Binding.
  • Excellent Strength & Lifelong Durable Bonding, Fine spread ability with Optimum Coverage.
  • Works perfectly for heat suffered zones like kitchen and other High Temperature Areas
  • User Friendly Adhesive

Flap Pasting Adhesive – FP100

Company History
Choosing a right adhesive is a key to create strong bonded Corrugated boxes . Water based adhesive like Jammfix FP-100 helps the flaps of Corrugated boxes to maintain its shape.

Paper Straw Adhesive – PS55

Company History
Choosing a right adhesive is a key to create a longer lasting paper straw. Water based adhesive like Jammfix PS-55 helps the paper straw maintain its shape for few hours of use while also being bio degradable and food safe . Jammfix PS-55 offers a solution which holds up for the entire use of the straw sustainable option to enjoy your favourite beverage .

Paper Bags Adhesive –PB100

Company History
A paper bag is only as good as the quality of the adhesive used in its manufacturing. Our product PB100 allows fast bonding and drying, thus giving extra strength to the bag.

Paper Pencil Adhesive –PP100

Company History
We product PP-100, is chemical free but strong too. We have made sure to make our glue non-toxic so that children do not face any risk. Our adhesive is not just of extremely good quality but also gives a cushion effect to the lead so that it does not break if the pencil is dropped.

Paper Core Adhesive – PC100

Company History
Our product PC100 provides the required strength to your paper tubes, while allowing the machines to operate at the optimum speeds. The product being synthetic of nature, also prevents moisture absorption to a large extent.

Lamination Adhesive -PL100

Company History
Our product PL100 is suitable for print lamination of BOPP, Polyster, PVC, and other films giving excellent flatness , adhesion, transparency, and gloss with paper.


We have following products under this category.

  • MBX: Our MBX is a vinyl Acetate monomer based product to give bonding and finishing properties to fabric. Our product when used with other auxiliaries gives excellent durable finish.

  • Polysol: Imparts body and stiff feel to the cloth. Available in 3 varieties differentiated by solids to suit customized requirements.