An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company.


We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of Starch based Adhesives in Hyderabad. We are presently supplying adhesives to the needs of manufacturers of Corrugated boxes, Paper tubes/cores, Angle-board, and paper bags.

Set up in June 2011, we have steadily grown and are now a well-established company, working tirelessly on providing the best to the customer through continuous development & improvement in quality of our product as well as service. It is our small but concerted efforts in all departments which have enabled us to register an Average Annual Growth rate of over 25% Per Annum since establishment.

With the reputation earned for producing quality adhesives and timely service, we have benefitted immensely and mostly from word-of-mouth marketing by our customers. As a result, we strongly believe and are determined to excel our Potential. Last but not the least, it is our pleasure to introduce our company to a company like yours and hope that you would give us an opportunity to showcase our product to you by arranging a trial at your unit.

Adhesive plays a very critical role in the manufacturing process. If not applied correctly may result in damages, de-laminations, and wastages, thus adversely affecting the production efficiency as well as the profitability of a company. However, when applied optimally, it can work in the most efficient manner to differentiate the product from ordinary ones. Realizing this importance, we work continuously to enhance the quality of our products.


1. Offering Efficient and Effective Products
  • It’s been our continuous endeavor, to develop and offer the best and the most advanced products, for our customers to produce the best quality output.
2. Quality Service
  • Timely and efficient service is of paramount importance for us too. Providing good service coupled with quality products has been our primary strength.
3. Best Pricing
  • In the present competitive market scenario, besides quality inputs, control on costing in order to scale is important too. Our reasonable pricing fortifies our product and service quality.
4. Troubleshooting
  • We do our best in also addressing any technical difficulties, which customers might face due to adhesive or any other issues, by being always accessible as well as our fast response rate.

Combining the subject knowledge of industry experts and Universities with our experience has enabled us to manage customers’ expectations with innovative as well as economical solutions, thus allowing us to reach out to customers across India. With current production capacity of 250 metric ton per month, scalable up to 500, we are all set to make use of our years of experience to capitalize on the huge market potential.

1. For Corrugated Box Manufacturers

  • Pasting Gum (For Single Facers/Semi Automatic Plants)
  • Pasting Gum (For Flute Laminators)
  • Corrugation Gum (Single Facers/ Semi Automatic)
  • Corrugation Gum (For High Speed Automatic Plants)

2. For Paper Tube and Angle Board Manufacturers

  • NDEX (Standard Product)
  • HSDEX (For High Strength)

1. Research & Development

  • As mentioned earlier, we consider Research the heart of our industry and give in our best to stay not just updated but one step in advance of the market dynamics.

2. Our Team

  • Our efficient and diligent teams- Administrative as well as Operational, make sure no order is compromised, ensuring customer satisfaction at all levels.

3. Wide Product Range

  • Our wide products list ranging from Adhesives for manufacturers of Corrugated boxes, Paper Tubes, Angle Board/Edge protectors, Paper Cones, Buffet plates, and Paper bags, makes us a one stop shop and a preferred brand in the market.

4. Our Stringent Processes

  • Our stringent systems and procedures at various levels, ensure consistent quality with minimal chance of error.

4. Additives:

With relevant additives to supplement our adhesive, we offer solutions for the issues which our customers may be facing currently or might face in the near future. Below mentioned are some additives, which address some very serious issues which could arise seasonally or due to human errors.

  • Alpha Q - Additive for Fast Drying, Moisture resistance, as well as for enhancing strength in the Board and other end products;
  • Alpha CR - Additive for making the Board Crack resistant
  • Alpha CCN - Neutral Pasting Gum additive/Corrugation Gum additive


pH Tester (Hand)

pH Tester(Table)

B4 Cup

All the above mentioned products are a result of our continuous Research & Development and the stringent quality checks at every stage to give the best to our customers. With proven quality of our products and several happy customers, we continue to strive even harder to develop even better products to be the most preferred supplier in the market.

With a fully equipped lab we test our products at various stages, to give a full proof and a consistent product to our Customers.

Some of our practices include:

  • Sample checks at almost 3 stages to confirm the required Solids in the adhesive;
  • Machine blending of material, to avoid any inconsistencies from bag to bag;
  • Lab tests to confirm the solids, pH value and other important param
1. Requesting a Trial – We will personally give you a trial of our adhesive which includes process knowledge as well as quality check.

2. Is the trial chargeable – To the extent of one bag, trial is free. However, if more quantity is required, then the material shall be charged.

3. How to Place the Order - Call / SMS/ Whats app on any the following numbers: Alpesh Bung(9866334845) Sumesh Bung(94920 22222)

4. Exchange/Return process – If the material quality is not approved, then we shall after understanding the exact nature of the problem agree to either exchange or even take back the material with no further questions asked.

5. Payment Terms – As decided after the trial and supply conditions are agreed on. However, we will keep a blank cheque of yours with us, which shall be returned once the entire outstanding has been cleared and there is no further requirement from your side.